Deliver a Memorable Retail Customer Experience by Balancing Innovation and Security

Innovation promises to enrich the retail customer experience. However retailers must meet rising challenges to deliver these experiences securely. At EKN Research’s most recent retail executive dinner, senior Marketing, IT, and Loss Prevention leaders discussed this delicate balancing act. Let’s begin by recognizing customers on the endpoints of the security/experience continuum: “I’ll Tell You Everything”Continue reading “Deliver a Memorable Retail Customer Experience by Balancing Innovation and Security”

Context is the Key to Using In-Store Analytics To Deliver a Richer Customer Experience

Recently, EKN Research hosted a dinner where omni-channel, analytics, e-commerce and store operations executives from leading retailers in Columbus, Ohio gathered for an exploratory discussion on using analytics to drive a richer customer experience in store. Our goal was to understand the keys to deliver a differentiated experience, deepen the customer relationship and achieve theirContinue reading “Context is the Key to Using In-Store Analytics To Deliver a Richer Customer Experience”

Telling a Compelling Analytics Story

Earlier today, I read a good article entitled “The Art of Telling a Story In Analytics“. Not only did the author correctly identify communication as one of the most critical elements of analytics, but he also recognized the significant challenges that most face in that regard. Consider the following simple construct of good story tellingContinue reading “Telling a Compelling Analytics Story”

Two Surprising Keys To Retail Omni-channel Success

With most retailers investing in omni-channel capabilities in some way, stockholders, associates and customers are eagerly anticipating the future. A future where there truly exists a seamless bi-directional relationship between retailer and customer (my definition of omni-channel). Where every product in the assortment is available through stores, internet, or mobile and can be shipped inContinue reading “Two Surprising Keys To Retail Omni-channel Success”

Use Analytics To Solve Root Cause, Not Just Symptoms

Earlier this week I shared an article with a colleague entitled Can Analytics Helps Colleges Graduate More Students?, by Tanya Roscorla. The article presented some excellent case studies where universities are leveraging analytics to test innovations and help students identify the best path towards course completion and graduation. While she appreciated the article, I found her response compellingContinue reading “Use Analytics To Solve Root Cause, Not Just Symptoms”

3 Analytics Fears…And How To Beat Them!

People often have fears, real or perceived, that if not addressed properly can adversely impact the successful implementation of any business transformation. Analytics is no different. Effective change management is a critical component of any Analytics Strategy. Consider the three fears below recently shared with me and approaches to mitigate them: “Analytics won’t produce an answer.” –Continue reading “3 Analytics Fears…And How To Beat Them!”

The Simple Analytics Equation: Data + Gut > Gut = Better Decision Making

Over the course of my career, I have authored and reviewed hundreds of business cases. And nearly every one of them included the same qualitative benefit: “better decision making”. For most of them, this was nothing more than filler – an additional bullet point in a list of items that really didn’t matter. But AnalyticsContinue reading “The Simple Analytics Equation: Data + Gut > Gut = Better Decision Making”

4 Keys to Seamless Analytics for Retail

Many retailers are currently struggling to understand how to define a strategy to effectively leverage advanced analytics. More so than the omni-channel imperative (which arguably is simply about keeping up with each other), there is a window of opportunity during which effective use of analytics can be a significant differentiator and a source of competitiveContinue reading “4 Keys to Seamless Analytics for Retail”